Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sexy Halloween Costumes, On Clearance!

Yes, I know, Halloween is still months away, but it's never too early to start planning! Especially when you can take advantage of the Lingerie Diva Costume Clearance sales!

Here are just some of the sexy costumes that we have on sale for you...

I love that this sexy nurse costume is reversible! Are you a good nurse or a naughty nurse? Doesn’t matter, your patient always feels better! ($29.99)

This Cruise Cutie Costume is extremely versatile. Use it as a sexy sailor costume for Halloween, surprise your sailor when he comes home on shore leave, or break it out on the 4th of July for a fun twist on the red, white and blue! ($29.99)

The Bunny costume is always a classic – this sexy Halloween costume will never go out of style! Plus, that satin teddy can be used all year round! ($32.99)

This sexy vampire costume is both classic and trendy, thanks to Twilight and True Blood. He’ll be more than willing to let you suck his… blood. ($48.99)

This sexy bar maid costume combines sex appeal and beer… what more does a man need to drool over? ($34.99)

You’ll be sure to bag big game in the sexy “On The Hunt” safari costume! ($29.99)

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