Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Top Lingerie Twitter Accounts to Follow

If you're a reader of this blog, then you likely are as passionate about lingerie as I am. And, like me, your probably scour the internet looking for the latest news and trends from the lingerie world. Well, now it's easier to get your lingerie gossip fix, all in one place.

The Lingerie Journal recently published this list of the Top 75 Lingerie Twitter Accounts to Follow, written by The Lingerie Addict. It's a great list featuring a mix of brands, designers, bloggers, boutiques and publications whose niche is lingerie and who are "1) regularly on Twitter, 2) generating unique content for Twitter, and 3) consistently interacting with their followers through Twitter."

So if you're a lingerie fanatic and spend quite a bit of time on Twitter, this is the list for your. And just who is on this list? Here are a few of our favorite Tweeters (text in quotes is from their Twitter bios)...

@LingerieDiva - That's right, we made the list! We're very excited to be included with so many great lingerie insiders. Our Twitter account shares deals and sales from the site, news about our brands and just tips and updates about lingerie in general.

@LingerieTalk – "News, reviews and opinions on lingerie and fashion trends from Canada’s only daily lingerie blog." Lingerie Talk consistently delivers great and informative posts about the lingerie industry.

@lingeriejournal – "TLJ is an intimate apparel trade publication committed to developing an essential, reliable source to help make your intimate apparel business thrive!" Again, this is one of my go-to sources for the inside scoop on what's new and hot in the lingerie industry.

@fairefroufrou – "The ultimate luxury lingerie boutique both online & in Los Angeles; designer lingerie, loungewear, hosiery & more. Shop with us at www.fairefroufrou.com" I love this Twitter because co-owner Alison routinely tweets pictures of their gorgeous store, as well as her fabulous outfits and bras!

@TheMissAP – "Loves smoke and mirrors, silk and lace, high heels, questionable morals and a damn good espresso martini." The Twitter account for luxury lingerie line Agent Provocateur is a good mix of brand marketing and sassy attitude - always a fun read.

@lingerie_addict - "Blogger and business consultant for all things lingerie. I have a slightly unhealthy fixation with leopard print." Ok, she didn't include herself on the list, but Treacle has dedicated herself to become one of the top in-the-know lingerie insiders. If you have a lingerie question, she has an answer.

To see the full list of top lingerie Tweeters, click here. And to start following Lingerie Diva on Twitter, click here!