Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hot In Spots - Polka Dot Lingerie

Among the traditional lingerie patterns and  prints - florals, animal prints, stripes - it's safe to say that polka dot is not one that typically gets a lot of attention. Who knows why polka dots have for so long lived under the shadow of their more serious sibling, stripes? But I'm here today as a polka dot advocate.

For too long polka dot lingerie has been in the shadows, and now is the time to call attention to it! Polka dot lingerie is fun and playful but still plenty sexy, as you can see from the pictures below.

So why  not give your stripes and florals and leopard print lingerie a rest and try some polka dots instead? It will be a fun addition to your lingerie drawer!

PS, to see all of our polka dot lingerie, click here: http://bit.ly/pvId0U

Monday, August 29, 2011

Featured Brand - Playful Promises

As I've mentioned before in previous posts, I love the vintage and Old Hollywood glamor style of lingerie. It's a classic look that always looks feminine and sensual. And it's a look that today's featured brand, Playful Promises, is an expert at creating.

This London-based lingerie line creates retro-looking bras, garter belts, panties and corsets that are glamorous,  flirty and classy. And the bright colors used in Playful Promises' designs help bring this vintage style into the modern era.

See what I mean? These lingerie piece are retro and modern all rolled up into one very sexy and pretty package! Visit LingerieDiva.com to see more of our Playful Promises lingerie!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Stand Up & Salute This Camo Lingerie

Although the purpose of camouflage is to keep you covered and out of site, there's no way your man could miss you when you're wearing one of these sexy camo lingerie pieces!

Whether you're an Army/military wife that's getting ready to welcome her soldier home (woohoo) or you just want to play out a naughty little "Yes, drill sergeant!" fantasy, these camo lingerie sets will make him stand at attention.

If you don't see something that you like here, no worries! We have plenty of more camo lingerie available at LingerieDiva.com!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leather Lingerie - Not Just For The Dominatrix

Leather lingerie. It’s definitely not a look or style that appeals to everyone, but I also think it’s a bit misunderstood. People hear “leather lingerie” and instantly think of a dominatrix whipping her partner into submission. And while leather is definitely good for those occasions, it’s more versatile than people think.

Whether you do want the tougher dominatrix/biker vibe or you want some a bit softer and more feminine (or if you just want a few leather accessories to add to a lingerie set), leather lingerie comes in all packages.

For the dominatrix in you:

For the lace and leather girl in you:

For the girl that's somewhere in between:

For the girl that wears her leather outside of the bedroom:

If you’ve never tried leather lingerie before because it seemed a bit too kinky or just not your style, go ahead and browse our collection of leather lingerie and accessories. You’ll be surprised at what you find (and what turns you on).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Old Hollywood Glamour With Modern Lingerie Pieces

What is it about the old Hollywood glamour style that is so alluring? When you look at pictures of actresses like Jean Harlow, Veronica Lake, Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner, you want to look like them, dress like them, BE them.

Maybe it's because old Hollywood glamour is the epitome of glamour itself. It's gorgeous, luxurious and decadent. There's no way you could feel anything but beautiful and sexy when you're wearing something that's silky and lacy and frilly.

Today's lingerie collection is inspired by that magical old Hollywood glamour. While they're all modern pieces, I could certainly picture any of the aforementioned starlets wearing these pieces in the 1940s and 1950s. And I can picture myself feeling like a Hollywood starlet while wearing them.

So the next time you feel like you need a little glamour in your life, slip into one of these beautiful pieces, pour yourself some champagne and practice giving your best sultry stare. Instant glamour, just add diva!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Featured Brand - Elegant Moments

At Lingerie Diva, we like to cater to all sides of a women’s personality. No matter what her taste or preference or mood may be, we know we have something that she’s going to love! Today’s featured brand, Elegant Moments, is the same way. Whatever kind of lingerie you want, they have a style for you!

Elegant Moments is a brand that certainly has some of the more racy items available on LingerieDiva.com. From leather and vinyl teddies to barely there mesh bras and teddies, Elegant Moments knows how to awaken your wild side!

But there’s definitely a more demure, and very feminine side to the Elegants Moments brand as well. They have lingerie pieces that are soft and sweet and more sensual than risqué.

And let’s not forget their costumes! Elegant Moments costumes put a bright and playful twist on classic costume outfits like the hot cop, the naughty nurse and the sexy sailor.

So next time you are feeling a bit indecisive about who you want to be in the bedroom, browse through the Elegant Moments collections - trust me, you'll find something for the diva (or divas) in you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How To Wear The 2012 Lingerie Trends Now

Recently, The Lingerie Addict reported on the upcoming lingerie trends for spring/summer 2012 that she saw while attending the Lingerie Market ("fashion week for the lingerie industry" she calls it) in New York City. The three big trends she spotted: bright colors, prints, and sheer and lacy fabric.

The good news is, these trends have already shown themselves in collection for this season! Take a look at some sexy lingerie sets that let you wear next year's lingerie trends this year.

Bright Colors


Lace & Sheers

So which lingerie trends will you be sporting this (and next) year?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Madonna's Best Lingerie-Inspired Looks

Madonna. One name. Many images. She's an artist know for continually reinventing herself and her look. But there is one thing that I've found to be a constant in Madonna's ever-evolving clothing repertoire - lingerie and lingerie-inspired looks.

Whether it's for an album cover, photo shoots, publicity appearance or concert costume, lingerie is always a part of what Madonna is doing. Here are just a few examples.

Madonna's cover shot for her "Like A Virgin" album released in 1984

 Madonna in her famous Jean Paul Gaultier gold bustier during her Blond Ambition tour in 1990

With Britney Spears & Christian Aguilera during their infamous 2003 VMA performance

Madonna in one of the promotional photos for her Hard Candy album, released in 2008

Madonna's cover photo for Vanity Fair magazine that same year

I have to say, even though I have never been a huge fan of her music (with the exception of "Justify My Love," one of my favorite sexy songs), I can appreciate her status as a style icon. And I love the fact that such a big part of that style is fine lingerie - Madonna is a woman who, decade after decade, appreciates lingerie as fashion pieces not just underwear.

I also like the fact that Madonna hasn't succumbed to the notion that sexy lingerie has to be put aside as you get older, that it's only for young women. Madonna celebrates her 53rd birthday today and, as far as I can tell, the lingerie isn't going anywhere.

Any woman who loves lingerie this much has a special place in my heart ;-) So happy birthday Madonna, here's to many  more lingerie-filled years ahead!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hot For Teacher - Sexy School Girl Costumes

It's officially back to school time, which means it's time to show off our incredible selection of sexy school girl costumes! Who's hot for teacher? These classroom cuties, that's who!


As you can see, the Lingerie Diva "classroom" has student personalities that range from the All-American good girl next door to the wild girl who always gets caught making out behind the bleachers! Click here to see our entire selection of sexy school girl costumes and accessories!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where In The World Wide Web Is Lingerie Diva?

You might already know this, but Lingerie Diva is a social media maven! You obviously already know about our little blog, and you're probably familiar with either our Lingerie Diva Facebook page or our Twitter feed. But did you know there are even more social media channels where you can connect with Lingerie Diva?

1) YouTube
Lingerie Diva has a YouTube channel - www.youtube.com/thelingeriediva - where we regularly post and share videos from the brands that we sell, as well as the occasional how-to and lingerie tips video. The Lingerie Diva YouTube Channel was also where we exclusively released the Velvet Kitten photo shoot video!

2) Flickr
Flickr is an online photo-sharing website. Here, we post different albums of Lingerie Diva collections (you can see a little preview of our photostream just to the right, on the sidebar). Themes include Sexy School Girl Costumes, Animal Print Lingerie, Lovely Lace Lingerie and more!

3) Tumblr
Tumblr is the newest addition to Lingerie Diva's social media repertoire. The Lingerie Diva Tumblr is a micro-blog where I share pictures, quotes and anything else I see on the web (not just from LingerieDiva.com) that inspires, excites or just plain pleases me! It's a collection of the things all divas love! A few examples of things I've Tumblred lately:

So if you're a regular visitor to any of these - or even if you're new and just want to check it out - be sure to stop by Lingerie Diva's pages and say hi!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She's Like A Rainbow

I'm in a colorful mood today, which inspired this fun and silly collection of photos. As you can see, I've created a lingerie rainbow.

Seeing a rainbow makes you happy. Looking at gorgeous lingerie makes you happy. So then, by my calculations, this one damn happy post ;-) Happy Tuesday divas!

PS, here's "She's A Rainbow" from the Rolling Stones, which inspired this blog post title!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Calling All Lingerie Models!

I know we have so many GORGEOUS Lingerie Diva fans that are aspiring models trying to break into the business and new models looking for their first big campaign. So I know a lot of you will be excited to hear about the Playboy Intimates Lingerie Model Search!

 Now through November, Playboy Intimates is taking model submissions to find the new face - and body - of the 2012 Playboy Intimates Collection. Fans can vote monthly for their favorite models, and the top 16 finalists will be flown to LA for a final event (including a tour of the Playboy Mansion) and photo shoot. 

The winning model will receive a $5000 modeling contract, while the 1st runner up will win $1000 and the 2nd runner gets $500.

If you have what it takes, to become the next Playboy Intimates Model, click here to upload your CV, modeling website, photos and/or video!

And if you’re looking for some sexy Playboy Intimates lingerie to wear for your contest entry, here are a few of Lingerie Diva’s favorite pieces….

The Shannon push-up bra with matching garter belt and thong

The Diana push-up babydoll (shown on 2011 model search winner Lexi Sims!)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy National Underwear Day!

That's right, today is National Underwear Day! This holiday was designed to get woman to clean out their underwear drawer, toss out the oldies and treat themselves to something new!

So why not treat yourself to some new, sexy underwear from Lingerie Diva? Whether you want thongs, boyshorts, briefs, lace, satin, crotchless, Lingerie Diva has the perfect pair of panties for you!

A holiday that gives you an excuse to buy pretty new underwear? I think I like National Underwear Day better than Christmas ;-)

Click here to see our entire collection of sexy panties and thongs!