Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leather Lingerie - Not Just For The Dominatrix

Leather lingerie. It’s definitely not a look or style that appeals to everyone, but I also think it’s a bit misunderstood. People hear “leather lingerie” and instantly think of a dominatrix whipping her partner into submission. And while leather is definitely good for those occasions, it’s more versatile than people think.

Whether you do want the tougher dominatrix/biker vibe or you want some a bit softer and more feminine (or if you just want a few leather accessories to add to a lingerie set), leather lingerie comes in all packages.

For the dominatrix in you:

For the lace and leather girl in you:

For the girl that's somewhere in between:

For the girl that wears her leather outside of the bedroom:

If you’ve never tried leather lingerie before because it seemed a bit too kinky or just not your style, go ahead and browse our collection of leather lingerie and accessories. You’ll be surprised at what you find (and what turns you on).