Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mad For Plaid Lingerie

I was browsing through our new lingerie pieces and couldn't help but notice the amount of plaid lingerie and panties that are available now. Is plaid lingerie becoming a hot new trend? | Plaid Lingerie
 (Clockwise from top left: halter top; g-string, mini skirt with belt loops, briefs)

Plaid isn't your typical lingerie fabric/color of choice, unless you're going the sexy schoolgirl route.And while some of these pieces most certainly could be used for that, most are more versatile. | Plaid Lingerie

I can see them in a variety of bedroom outfits, from a Daisy Duke county girl fantasy to a Christmas themed set to something that's just fun and and a little different. | Plaid Lingerie
(Clockwise from top left: bra top, side zip skirt, collared top, boy short)

What do you think? Are you mad for plaid? How could you work plaid into your lingerie wardrobe? | Plaid Lingerie