Tuesday, August 9, 2011

She's Like A Rainbow

I'm in a colorful mood today, which inspired this fun and silly collection of photos. As you can see, I've created a lingerie rainbow.

Seeing a rainbow makes you happy. Looking at gorgeous lingerie makes you happy. So then, by my calculations, this one damn happy post ;-) Happy Tuesday divas!

PS, here's "She's A Rainbow" from the Rolling Stones, which inspired this blog post title!


BabyDoll23 said...

Gorgeous! I like them all but, I LOVE the orange babydoll with contrasting pink trim!!!
I must get that for myself! It will look great on me & my fiancee will melt!! ;)

Lola23 said...

Is the red lingerie a one-piece romper?!? (Hopefully) Or is it a Cami/boy short set?

DivaLover said...

Yellow is not a color used for lingerie very often, but that babydoll and thong are pretty cute.

The Lingerie Diva said...

Hi Lola! The red outfit is a cami and short set. Here's the link: http://www.lingeriediva.com/camisoles/red-flawless-cami-and-short-set

As far as rompers, this is the closest thing we have to a red one: http://www.lingeriediva.com/sexy-clothes/loungewear/Honey-Do-Polka-Dot-Romper

Hope that helps!

The Lingerie Diva said...

BabyDoll, here's the link to the orange piece: http://www.lingeriediva.com/chemises/criss-cross-diva-chemise