Thursday, August 11, 2011

Where In The World Wide Web Is Lingerie Diva?

You might already know this, but Lingerie Diva is a social media maven! You obviously already know about our little blog, and you're probably familiar with either our Lingerie Diva Facebook page or our Twitter feed. But did you know there are even more social media channels where you can connect with Lingerie Diva?

1) YouTube
Lingerie Diva has a YouTube channel - - where we regularly post and share videos from the brands that we sell, as well as the occasional how-to and lingerie tips video. The Lingerie Diva YouTube Channel was also where we exclusively released the Velvet Kitten photo shoot video!

2) Flickr
Flickr is an online photo-sharing website. Here, we post different albums of Lingerie Diva collections (you can see a little preview of our photostream just to the right, on the sidebar). Themes include Sexy School Girl Costumes, Animal Print Lingerie, Lovely Lace Lingerie and more!

3) Tumblr
Tumblr is the newest addition to Lingerie Diva's social media repertoire. The Lingerie Diva Tumblr is a micro-blog where I share pictures, quotes and anything else I see on the web (not just from that inspires, excites or just plain pleases me! It's a collection of the things all divas love! A few examples of things I've Tumblred lately:

So if you're a regular visitor to any of these - or even if you're new and just want to check it out - be sure to stop by Lingerie Diva's pages and say hi!