Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Featured Brand - Music Legs Hosiery

Although the brand Music Legs does sell lingerie and Halloween costumes, by far their main focus is (surprise, surprise) hosiery. And we're not talking your basic black fishnets or sheer thigh-highs. Music Legs is where you want to go when you want something bright, funky or fun.

Polka dots? Animal print? Crazy patterns? Music Legs has that!
In addition to full-length tights, Music Legs offers leg warmers, leggings and capri tights.

They also have a great selection of accessory tights to wear with your Halloween costumes.

And, if you're just a fan of Halloween in general, here are some styles that would be fun for October! (those are witches on the right, if you can't see them)

So the next time you really want to make a statement with your legs, take a look at the selection of hosiery Music Legs offers! I don't think you'll be disappointed!