Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lingerie Diva's Sexy ABCs- Letter S

It seems funny that we're learning about the letter S today, when it's obvious that S stands for SEXY! But take a look at some of the other sexy (or sensual or seductive) things S stands for.

S is for...
Sheer: Any piece of lingerie can be made sexier when it's made to be sheer lingerie. Leave a little to the imagination with sheer side panels and accents, or leave nothing to the imagination with an all-over sheer piece!

Stockings: It seems that stockings and garters have made a comeback in the past couple years, and I'm so happy that they have! Is there anything much sexier than a good pair of thigh high stockings?

Stilletos: The sexy shoes of choice for many! Stilettos make you taller and help emphasize your great leg muscles. A great pair of stilettos could make even sweatpants look good.

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