Friday, September 30, 2011

Lingerie Diva's Sexy ABCs - Letters X,Y & Z

Well class, today is our last Sexy ABCs lesson! We hope you've learned a lot, and will carry these lessons with you throughout life. And, if you ever need a refresher course, is always here for you! Now, let's get started with the letters X, Y, and Z!
X is for...
X-rated: Which could apply to about 90% of what we offer at Lingerie Diva! In the spirit of things, we're featuring the XXX Halter Teddy and the X-cite Bra Set!
Y is for...
Yellow: Who wouldn't feel happy looking at yellow lingerie? It's bright and fun and sexy! 

Z is for...
Zebra print: Leopard print gets a lot of love when it comes to animal print, but we think zebra print lingerie looks just as good! And it's more unexpected than leopard print.

Well, that wraps up our Sexy ABCs installment! Did you miss a lesson? Read our entire sexy alphabet series here!