Thursday, October 13, 2011

Costume Accessories - Making Old Costumes New Again

Divas, are you looking for a Halloween costume that won’t cost you much money? Before you go digging through the thrift store racks, take a look in your closet! Those old Halloween costume can be repurposed and given new with just a few costume accessories! Let me show you...

Did you raise hell as a red devil for Halloween last year? Get rid of the horns and tail, put on a fancy hat, some black boots, a black belt and get a plastic sword and you're a pirate!

Have a Little Red Riding Hood costume laying around? Take off the cape, toss the basket and add some pigtails, a choker and a fun beer stein purse and you're a beer garden girl!

Were you a wicked witch last year? Good news, this is the most versatile costume to convert! Ditch the hat and broom, add some cat ears and a tail and you're a sex kitten! Or get a French maid accessory kit, complete with apron, hat and duster, and you're Fifi the French maid! Don some black wings and a halo to be a dark angel! Really, the options are limitless with this one.

Speaking of angels, if you were a traditional angel last year it's very easy to convert your angel costume into a fairy costume! Just grab a box of fabric dye in your favorite color, buy some fairy wings and a wand and you're all set!

So you see, it's really quite simple to take that old Halloween costume and make it new again! Need more ideas on how to convert your costume? Just visit our sexy costume section to get some inspiration!