Monday, November 14, 2011

Boudoir Photography 101

You've likely heard the term "boudoir photography" but do you really know what it means? Boudoir photography has been becoming more and more popular over the past few years,  but many women don't fully understand what it is. That's why we've launched our Boudoir 101 series, to help educate you on the ins and outs of boudoir photography!

We talked to photographers Ryan Armbrust, of Boudoir Louisville, and Mikaela Morgan, of Strictly Boudoir in the UK, to get some insight on this photography niche. Below is just a taste of the Boudoir 101 series, visit our website to read the full 3-part series!

What do most women think of when they hear “boudoir photography”? Do they know what it means, or are there some misconceptions as to what it is? 
Ryan: I think that most people automatically think "NUDEY PICS" when they hear the term boudoir photography. Clients also think that they need to be a total knockout to have their own boudoir photo session. A great boudoir photographer will transform EVERY client into a bombshell!

So then, what is boudoir photography? How do you describe it to people?
Ryan: Boudoir photography equals sexy pics! Nudity is not a major component to boudoir photography. We actually do not shoot nudity what so ever. The person you are doing this for has seen you nude. They know what it all looks like. We want to create something flirty. 

There is no need to show it all in a photo. It's way more sexy to wear sexy lingerie and reveal parts of your body one at a time. Think about the art of strip tease. The girls never got totally nude. It was more about seduction. We do it a little differently. We tend to go for the fun and flirty aspect of boudoir. Lots of candid shots, lots of laughing etc...

What are some of the reasons your clients want to do a boudoir photography shoot?
Mikaela: Many women also like to have a boudoir photo session as a unique, sexy surprise gift for their husband or partner… what could be a more imaginative and personal gift for the love of your life? A popular trend for brides at the moment is to give their husband-to-be a set of bridal boudoir photographs beautifully presented in a discreet little album hidden under his pillow the night before your wedding.

We’ve had customers ask for recommendations about outfits to wear for a shoot; what would you recommend?
Mikaela: Well it really depends on their body shape. Variety is good. I might suggest a couple of two-piece sets with stocking or hold ups and some killer heels - even cheap shoes would be fine if they look good - they won't be walking very far in them!

Corsets are very sexy as our baby doll styles - baby dolls are great for coverage such as hiding tummies and hips as the floaty material just skims over.

To read our full Boudoir 101 series, click here to start with Part 1! And don't forget to visit and to view some great examples of boudoir photography!