Monday, November 21, 2011

Lingerie We're Thankful For

It's not Thanksgiving without some reflection of the things you are feeling thankful for, right? At Lingerie Diva, we're thankful for lingerie, obviously, of all styles and shapes and fashion. We're thankful for the way lingerie makes us feel when we put it on. We're thankful for the way it helps us express ourselves in the bedroom, and the way it also allows us to be someone else for a little while if we want to.

And although we are thankful for all lingerie, there are a few items that we are particularly thankful for. Take a look...

Thigh-high fishnets: Because they add instant sex appeal to any skirt or dress. Pair them with some killer high heels and you've got a can't-lose combination!

Shape wear: While it's not exactly the sexiest looking piece of lingerie, shape wear does play an integral role in smoothing out unsightly bumps and bulges, creating a smooth, sleek line underneath our clothes. And that is sexy.
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The push up bra: Works wonders for women who aren't naturally ample in the cleavage department, and also helps enhance the busts of those who are. It makes the girls bigger, rounder, perkier... what's not to love?

Sports bras: Another underwear item that isn't necessarily, but it's definitely a staple! A proper-fitting sports bra gives women support during intense workouts, and helps prevent sagging.
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That favorite piece: It's different for every diva, but in all lingerie drawers there is that one piece that just sets us on fire. Every time we put it on it instantly makes us feel glamorous, beautiful, confident, ready to take that bedroom by storm!

Now it's your turn divas! Leave a comment and tell us which piece of lingerie you're thankful for!