Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Top Lingerie Diva's Diary Posts Of 2011

This year has a good one for our blog! We've seen a BIG jump in our readership and comments, and we're so excited to have so many more of you come visit us! Take a look at some of the blogs that had you divas buzzing the most this year...

50 Reasons To Wear Lingerie - This was BY FAR our most popular blog post, beating out the competition by several thousands views! And thanks again to everyone who sent in comments and helped us compile the list!

Lingerie Diva's Sexy ABC's - The entire series was very popular, but the letter F and the letters U&V were the ones our readers wanted to learn about the most!

Leather Lingerie - Not Just For The Dominatrix - Judging from the response we got to this post (our second-most read), leather lingerie is for everyone!

How To Wear The 2012 Lingerie Trends Now

 Steal Her Style - This has been another popular series for the blog, with posts about Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas and January Jones in "X-Men: First Class" having the highest views.

Lingerie For Small-Busted Women -  A guide to enhancing and accentuating the curves you DO have, however small they might be!

Tell us divas, was your favorite blog post included in our year-end list? Is there anything you'd like to read more about in the year to come? We want to know!