Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Lingerie Diva Dish - January Edition

In 2012, we'll be trying something new on the Lingerie Diva Blog. At the end of each month, we'll bring you a roundup of the best lingerie links and articles that we've found on the web. Think of it as a one-stop resource for the best news on lingerie trends, insights, brands and products! And if you've seen something interesting that we haven't included, feel free to leave the links in the comments!

Here's a great blog from The Lingerie Goddess about the merits of wearing lingerie just for yourself and not always for someone else.

Wondering how you can convert your favorite corset (or bra) from underwear to outerwear? Take some styling tips from Rihanna.

For our small-busted readers, this post from the Thin And Curvy blog has a great list of resources for you! (Thanks to the Lingerie Addict for sharing this!)

Guys, take note of this article. The Bra Doctor gives the Men's Guide To Gifting Lingerie.

Over on Linda The Bra Lady's blog, she solves the Top 3 Bra Complaints.

And finally, here's a fun story about a 92-year-old woman who's been selling lingerie for the past 50 years! She says a few things have changed over the years...

Photos via here and here

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hot Hosiery For Valentine's Day

It's no secret that lingerie gets A LOT of love during the Valentine's Day season, but it's important not to forget the other add-ons that can help enhance your look - like hosiery. Whether you'll be pairing these thigh highs with a garter and sexy lingerie set or want to wear something sexy when you go out for that special dinner...

Here are two classic looks (black fishnet and black sheer) that have sexy red details added....

Or you could always go racy in red...

White tights are always a bit unexpected. The first two pairs are very Valentine's Day cutesy, while the last pair is sweet and sexy with that red back seam and lace top!

Here's another set of basic black, only this time the details are a bit more whimsical...

And of course, there's always the basic black (though, we think you should go for something that's a bit more than basic)...

Want see more? Lingerie Diva has a fabulous selection of thigh highs, pantyhose, tights and bodystockings available! Click here to see them all!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts For Couples

Although lingerie is one of the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day, it's not the only type of sexy gift you can give! Maybe you're shopping for your boyfriend or husband and know that satin boxers aren't really his thing. Or maybe you're shopping for your girlfriend or wife and don't want to risk buying her lingerie only to have it be the wrong size or style.

Not to worry, LingerieDiva.com has plenty of other options for you! From sexy board games and love coupons to erotic oils and candles, there's something for every couple out there. Here are a few of our favorites for this Valentine's Day...

 The Cupid's Collection gift set comes with fun items including lightly scented faux rose petals, a satin blindfold and strawberry honey dust with soft feather applicator.

Bring some new things into your foreplay routine with the sexy 4 Play game! There are lots of options, including the Wheel Of Pleasure, Foreplay Fortune and S-E-X Marks The Spots.

You can really ramp things up with the ImPulse Pulsing Applicator (comes with intensifying gel). Women, you can use it with your partner or by yourself as a way to get things started!

Another way to get some new ideas. Use these Naughty Couples Coupons all in one night if you're feeling super spicy, or spread them out to keep things turned out throughout the year.

With this edible Chocolate Body Souffle, you can rub, lick, taste and tease your way across your partner's body.

The Bed Of Roses Set comes with everything you need to set the most seductive scene! It includes silk rose petals, tea lights and an invitation card to give to your lover. 

So if lingerie isn't the Valentine's Day gift you're looking for, consider one of these romantic gift sets instead. Go visit our website to see our entire collection of intimate gifts for lovers!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday - Red tights & Lace

Happy Chinese New Year! And welcome to this week's Tumblr Tuesday post - hope you enjoys these images from the Lingerie Diva Tumblr!


Want to see more? Then visit the Lingerie Diva Tumblr!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sexy Valentine's Day Lingerie

As you may well know, Valentine's Day is THE season for the lingerie industry. It's what Halloween is to the costume industry and Thanksgiving to the turkey farmers.

In the past months we've gotten in TONS of new Valentine's Day lingerie sets, and they're all so sexy and pretty and all around fabulous! Take a look at some of our favorite looks from a few of our brands.

Leg Avenue


Seven 'Til Midnight


Shirley Of Hollywood
Sequin Embroidered Corset, Triangle Lace Chemise, Charmeuse And Lace Babydoll

Be sure to visit our Valentine's Day lingerie section on our website to see all of our sexy lingerie sets!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Boudoir Photos

Thinking about giving your guy something EXTRA special for Valentine’s Day this year? Then consider booking a boudoir photography shoot and surprising him with some great shots of you looking super sexy!

Not sure exactly what boudoir photography is, or what it entails? Then head over to the Lingerie Diva website and read through our Boudoir 101 series! Two photographers give their behind-the-scenes insight on what exactly boudoir photography is and why you should try it (reasons includes feeling more confident and empowered about your body).

When you’ve decided to book your boudoir shoot, check out this post from The Lingerie Addict, giving some great advice on how to prepare for your boudoir shoots, things to consider when picking out your outfits and even how to pose correctly!

And finally, if you’re still struggling with the thought of posing for the camera in your lingerie, read this post from The Breast Life, featuring the thoughts of one boudoir photographer on why you shouldn’t worry about your “imperfections” during a shoot. Also check out another post from The Lingerie Addict talking about the blogger's first boudoir shoot and her thoughts on it.

Photos courtesy of BoudoirLouisville.com and StrictlyBoudoir.co.uk

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Wear Fishnet Lingerie With Everyday Clothes

This post was inspired by a recent article from Who What Wear, about the microtrend of fishnet wardrobe pieces.  While many people immediately associated fishnet with stockings, it actually looks great with any number of outfit pieces. Layer fishnet items with everyday pieces when going out in public, wear them alone when entertaining in private.

Here are several fishnet pieces from Lingerie Diva that you can use as transitional "underwear as outerwear" pieces in your wardrobe.

For a casual daytime look, pair this long-sleeve fishnet shirt with jeans and your favorite tank top or T-shirt over it. For a sexy nighttime look, wear a thin camisole or bra top underneath, and pair it with skinny jeans and high heels.
 (Top, bra top and jeans)

Add some texture to the standard tank top and blazer combo with this fishnet piece. This would work great with either jeans or a skirt!
 (Blazer, tank top, fishnet bustier)

This fishnet chemise would be great for the summer. Wear it during the day as a swimsuit cover up, then pair it with a cami (or just pasties if you’re brave), leggings and heels for the night.

Pair this fishnet top with a long line bra, skirt and stockings for one hot night on the town outfit! Add a fitted jacket and swap tall boots for heels if you want to feel more covered up.

These are just a few ideas on how you can begin to incorporate your fishnet pieces into your everyday wardrobe. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration the next time you're standing in front of your closet, debating what to wear!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday - 01/09/12

We're bringing back Tumblr Tuesday on the blog! If you haven't visited the Lingerie Diva Tumblr yet, go ahead and give it a look! It's a place where we collect and share gorgeous lingerie images not only from our website, but from all across the web.

Here are some of the sexiest things we've posted on Tumblr in the past week...

Image found here

Havana Nights Stockings (found on LingerieDiva.com)

 Image found here
"Good God, what a night that was,
The bed was so soft, and how we clung,
Burning together, lying this way and that,
Our uncontrollable passions
Flowing through our mouths.
If I only could die that way,
I’d say goodbye to the business of living."
Quote found here

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hot Lingerie For Cold Winter Nights

I pulled together this gallery with the theme of "Winter Wonderland" in mind. Each set has a wintery feel to it, with the cool blue, white and silver colors reminding me of snow and ice. And even though everything about this collection is meant to make your think "winter," I'm pretty sure any of these sets could help to heat up those cold nights ;-)

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Lingerie Resolutions

By now you've likely recovered from your New Year's Eve celebration and, if you're like me, you're thinking about the year ahead and what you want to achieve in that year. Yes, you're thinking about New Year's resolutions!

Lingerie has such an important role in our lives. It can enhance our relationships, our self esteem, our figures, our sexuality... So why not make sure you're being a good lingerie lover and follow these resolutions for the New Year?
  • I will take care of my lingerie. Because you spend good money on it, and how you handle will determine how long it lasts! For lingerie care tips, check out the Lingerie Diva Care Guide and our "How To Care For Sheer Lingerie" post
  • I will replace what needs to be replaced (no matter how much I might love it). There’s NEVER an excuse for wearing lingerie or underwear that’s old, ill-fitting, worn, saggy or snagged! If you need some help cleaning out your lingerie drawer, read this post.
  • I will learn my correct bra size. Wearing the wrong bra size can not only damage your breasts, but your self-esteem as well. So get yourself fitted and get those girls in their proper place! 
What are you waiting for? Go get fitted!
  • I will try something new that I haven’t before. We all get in our comfort zones, but it’s always good to experiment and explore and discover something new. So if you stick with simple cotton bra sets, order a silky/lacy one. If you generally stick to babydolls, see how you feel in a chemise. You might be surprised at what new things you end up loving!
  • I will wear lingerie for me (not just my partner). Yes, obviously your partner is a great person to wear lingerie for, but it’s not all about him. Wear lingerie because it makes YOU feel beautiful, sexy and confident! Because you get a rush knowing that there’s something soft and pretty laying against your skin (even if nobody else knows it).
  • I will wear more lingerie. Everyone wears bras and panties, but many save the "fancy lingerie" for special occasion.Why not make a point to incorporate more lingerie in your day-to-day life? Make lingerie something more than a special occasion thing. And if you think you need a good reason to wear lingerie, we have 50 of them for you!
Lingerie is for everyday, not "some day"!

Do you have any other lingerie resolutions that you plan on doing this year? Tell us about them!