Friday, January 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Boudoir Photos

Thinking about giving your guy something EXTRA special for Valentine’s Day this year? Then consider booking a boudoir photography shoot and surprising him with some great shots of you looking super sexy!

Not sure exactly what boudoir photography is, or what it entails? Then head over to the Lingerie Diva website and read through our Boudoir 101 series! Two photographers give their behind-the-scenes insight on what exactly boudoir photography is and why you should try it (reasons includes feeling more confident and empowered about your body).

When you’ve decided to book your boudoir shoot, check out this post from The Lingerie Addict, giving some great advice on how to prepare for your boudoir shoots, things to consider when picking out your outfits and even how to pose correctly!

And finally, if you’re still struggling with the thought of posing for the camera in your lingerie, read this post from The Breast Life, featuring the thoughts of one boudoir photographer on why you shouldn’t worry about your “imperfections” during a shoot. Also check out another post from The Lingerie Addict talking about the blogger's first boudoir shoot and her thoughts on it.

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