Monday, February 6, 2012

How To Throw A Panty Party

Looking for a new way to host a girls-only get together? Wanting an idea that has a bit more life to it than movie nights or wine nights? How about throwing a panty party?

Traditionally, a panty party is thrown for a bachelorette party, with every guest bring the bride-to-be a sexy pair of undies, but you can easily adapt it to work for any occasion, whether it be a much-need girls night or a Valentine's Day party for the single ladies!

Throwing this kind of shindig is pretty easy. Set a price limit  - around $20 or so- and have every girl bring a pair of panties or two to swap.If you're hosting a group where the guests all know each other, you can get their sizes beforehand and organize a Secret-Santa style swap (the only downside of this is that you will know who drew your name).

 Or you can everyone bring a pair of stretchy, one-size-fits-all panties and do a blind swap. If you do this, there are several fun ways you can swap. Draw names out of a hat (or out of a lingerie bag). Do a Yankee swap, where guests can steal panties from each other. Or have guests play a few rounds of party games, with the winner of each round picking out a panty (but they can only win once).

Add some fun to your panty party by encouraging guests to bring panties that are more fun than functional. The more outrageous the better, and you'll have fun squealing over the bejeweled, sequined, fur trimmed, light up panties guests bring.

Serve some Pink Panty Pulldowns as cocktails, make some panty-themed foods, like these thong cookies, and have a fabulous night talking and laughing with the girls (and comparing your sexy new underwear)!