Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sexy & Stylish Glamour In New Lingerie Pieces From Baci

We were excited when we first announced the addition of Baci Lingerie to LingerieDiva.com. The line is known for offering high-end "European chic" look at very affordable prices, and we couldn't wait to bring it to you, our customers. Now we are just as excited to debut the newest pieces from Baci lingerie!

The new collection is similar to the first in that it's super sexy, feminine and glamorous. But while the first collection we featured was a blast of bright and bold colors (purple, fuchsia, orange, etc.) this second collection is more muted. Lots of black, white, nude and grey, with bits of dark pink and red intermingled.

Black Dotted Mesh Chemise, Gray Flower Lace Bra Set, White Lace Bra Set

We thought the first Baci collection on the site had a very "Miami nightlife" feel to it, and if we had to make a similar comparison for the new pieces it would be "New York glamour". 

But what this collection doesn't have in color, it does make up for in patterns. Polka dots and pretty, romantic florals make an appearance, as well as a bit of animal print. Baci continues to focus on texture, with lots of lace and dotted mesh, both of which had a prominent role in the first collection Lingerie Diva added.

One other difference: The first set was exclusively "One Size Fits All" while the new set has pieces that come in small/medium and medium/large sizes.

Head over to the Lingerie Diva website to see the our entire selection of Baci lingerie now!