Saturday, March 31, 2012

Diva Dish - March Edition

Time for the March edition of the Lingerie Diva Dish! This month's roundup of links talks about the top 10 breast myths, what men really think about lingerie and how French women view lingerie differently than American women. Read on!

Net-a-Porter's latest online magazine includes the 10 Lingerie Commandments (scroll to page 12 to see it).

One The Butterfly Collection Blog, they're pondering whether big boobs really do equal more body confidence.
Are bigger boobs really better?

In this article from, we read about one French corset brand thinks that perhaps Americans focus on sex when picking out lingerie, while Europeans focus on romance.

And Daniel from Directory Sexy guest blogs for Fashion Cherry and tells us about lingerie from the man's perspective.
What's he really thinking when he see this?

They're debunking breast myths on, like is the average cup size really a C? And do you wear the same size for most of your life?

And did you know that you can recycle your bras? It's true, and it's a good cause!