Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sexy Spring Break Looks

The Spring Break season is upon, and soon the airports and highways will be filled with people headed off for a week of freedom, fun and relaxation. And no matter which type of destination you're heading to for Spring Break, Lingerie Diva has pieces that are definitely suitcase essentials.

Tropical/Beach Trip
Our “Tropcial/Beach” look puts together bikini-like bra sets, a sexy monokini, heels that can handle the sand, soothing lotion for after a long day at the beach, and a little white dress to show off that perfect tan.

Ski Vacation
This “Ski Slopes” look features practical but pretty bras, along with pajamas sets and clothes that will keep you warm in the cold weather but still maintain an sense of sexiness and sensuality. 

Big City Getaway
The lingerie and clothes for our “Big City” look is a combination of flashiness and glamour, and can work for Spring Break trips to anywhere from L.A. to Las Vegas to New York.