Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Steal Her Style - Sofia Vergara in Esquire

Sofia Vergara is known for being a sexy, fiery Latina woman both on and off screen, and her latest photo shoot with Esquire magazine did little to dispute that reputation.

Vergara is featured in several sexy lingerie outfits, but my favorite by far is the black bustier she wore for the cover. With a sheer, lacy pattern accented with bold lines and hook and eye front clasps, this piece is both classic and modern, and undeniably sexy.

This piece is also a great candidate for Steal Her Style because we have so many great bustiers and corsets! Take a look at a few pieces I found that are similar to Sofia's...

So which piece do you like best? One thing I'm sure of, no matter which you choose, wearing one will make you feel as sexy as Sofia looks (Spanish accent optional)!
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