Friday, April 6, 2012

Pretty In Pastels

Maybe it's because it's  finally spring and all of the blossoms are in bloom, or maybe it's because it's almost Easter and there's a parade of light-colored eggs, candy, cards and dresses wherever you turn. Whatever the reason, I have been obsessing over pastels lately.

Pastel lingerie gets attention, but in a quieter way than brightly or bold colored lingerie does. It doesn't scream for it. Instead, it's more of a sensual whisper, a come-hither look or the light brush of a hand. Maybe pastels aren't sexy so much as they are sensual. Romantic. Perfect for a romantic anniversary, a much-needed date night or a luxurious, kid-free weekend lounging about the house together.

Pink is the ultimate feminine color; putting it on just makes you feel prettier and softer. And a light pink tone looks great on all skin tones, from lily white to golden tan.

The blues in these pieces aren’t exactly baby blue, more of a light aqua color. But they're still gorgeous and spring-y, and I love the way the lace looks in that color.

Lilac (or lavender, whichever you prefer) is such a piercing color. It's icy in tone, but warm and inviting when paired with some lace and satin.

Periwinkle is a color that isn’t used often in lingerie, or even in clothing. Maybe that’s why I fell in love with these sets as soon as I saw them – it’s just so unexpected.
Periwinkle Bra Set & Skirt, Babydoll With Trim, Chemise With Lace-Up Ties

So which pretty pastel pieces will you be adding to your lingerie collection?