Friday, April 13, 2012

Squeem Shapewear Review

Unless you're a perfectly fit woman, there's some area of your body that you feel self-conscious about when wearing tight-fitting clothes. Maybe it's the butt that needs a lift, the stomach that needs flattening or the thighs that could be slimmed down. Thank God we have shapewear to help give us that smooth, sleek silhouette that doesn't always come naturally!

When I read this review of Squeem shapewear by Petra Bellejambes at, I knew I had to share parts of it with you divas! If you're wondering whether Squeem does what it says it does, read on for Petra's experience.
... I have naturally added some shape in the intervening years, and all of it has wound up in the wrong place. At my waist. I think the fatty cells are using MapQuest and just getting the directions wrong. I am fighting back, being a little more conscious about diet and actively thinking about being more active. I am dedicated to tightening things back up naturally, but in the meantime I will quietly be thankful for a little help from my friends, including friends at Squeem.
I wear a 4 skirt. My Squeem cinchers knocked an amazing 4 inches from my waist. Some of it went up, some down, some just disappeared, but all of it wound up in a better place. It is fair to say that a correctly fitted Squeem cincher will reduce the muffin top by 10-15%. Your results may vary.

With help from Squeem, I am able to bring roughly $700 worth of dresses and skirts back into service. Dresses and skirts I still love, that look great and will still in five years. Garments that help me feel beautiful. We all have pieces that just don’t fall so well as they once did. A small investment that gets them out of the closet or saves them from the consignment shop is a great investment.
If you're lusting after the results that Petra got, Lingerie Diva can help you! We carry two Squeem pieces she mentions specifically in her review. The first is the Miracle Vest, which lifts the breasts and flattens the stomach, and the Waist Cincher, which also flattens the ab area. Squeem also claims that these pieces can "accelerate weight loss through high compression, perspiration and micromassage." That's some hard-working shapewear!

Squeem Miracle Vest & Waist Cincher

Other Squeem pieces we carry include the Essential High Waist Shaper...

... The Full Body Control...
... And the Magical Panty, for those divas that want to add a little something to their curves (that's how Petra first became a fan of Squeem). 

See these and more Squeem shaping pieces on the Lingerie Diva website!