Friday, May 11, 2012

On The Fringe

Historically, fringe in lingerie has been associated with swinging boobie tassels or a flapper-like garter skirt. That is, until last year, when Made By Niki debuted its "String" line and took the lingerie world by storm. The collection instantly sold out and wait lists were made.

These pieces showed that fringe was no longer just a lingerie accent. Rather, it could become the lingerie itself, and in a most beautiful way. It's no surprise that other brands and designers soon followed suit, as we've been seeing more and more fringe pop up in lines.

Dreamgirl Fringe Benfits Teddy in Red/Black & Pink/White

About her collection, Made by Niki founder Niki McMorrough has said: "The greatest thing about the high fashion String collection is the sensual nature of the fabric, which creates a tingling sensation when worn against bare flesh. I love how the collection has such a physically aphrodisiac effect on the wearer whilst looking fabulous at the same time."

After reading her thoughts and seeing these pictures, can't you just imagine how delightfully ticklish and tingly these fringe pieces would feel against your skin?

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