Friday, June 15, 2012

Lingerie Trend - Nude Lingerie

It used to be that nude lingerie had one purpose: to be invisible. Nude lingerie was only seen in t-shirt bras made to wear under white shirts and utilitarian shapewear hidden under beautiful dresses. Even when worn under sheer pieces, nude lingerie was visible to the eye but not really seen. Its purpose has always been to blend in.

But it seems like that is changing. There’s been a shift in the attitude towards nude lingerie – now it’s being made to be seen. More brands, and Baci Lingerie in particular, are embracing its subtle sexiness and featuring nude lingerie sets in the collection. Take a look below.

I can't decide if this is one lingerie trend that's here to stay, because the color is so timeless, or if people will quickly get over the natural look of nude and go back to color. Thoughts?