Monday, July 16, 2012

Finely Feathered Lingerie

We've written about a couple different lingerie trends that caught us by surprise, including neon lingerie and paisley lingerie. Today's trend isn't completely new, but it's not common either. We're talking about feathered lingerie.

Like I said, feathers on lingerie isn't a new thing. Classic Hollywood stars often wore glamorous lingerie with feather details, like this dressing gown of Jean Harlow's.

For some reason, it seems like feathered lingerie kind of faded away, except for perhaps a feather boa as a lingerie accessory. But lately we're seeing feathers pop up in every kind of style, from the classic dressing gown to pastie sets! Take a look at a few of the feathered lingerie options we have available now at

I definitely think feathered lingerie has a bit of a niche market. You have to be a certain type of person to wear feathers, one that doesn't mind things that are a bit outlandish and over the top. And, in the case of this lingerie trend, I definitely think that's a good thing!