Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lingerie Diva Dish - July Edition

It's the end of July, which means it's almost the end of summer. *tear* But no worries, you know Lingerie Diva is here to keep things hot and steamy all year long :-) As we move from July to August, here are some of the lingerie head lines that caught our eyes this month.

Mad Men has been inspiring fashion trends for years, and now the popular TV show is also inspiring lingerie designs.

The world's oldest bra was found during renovations of a historic castle this month. It's believed to be 500 years old.

The Lingerie Addict has a guest post that ponders whether shapewear helps us love the body we have, or just increases body snark. Also in the shapewear category, new "anti-aging" shapewear has been developed.

And another advancement in lingerie: The largest strapless bra has been developed. 

Here's a great column on how one woman discovered that not only can pretty underwear can be comfortable, but it makes you feel better too!

And here's a great post on why you should wear good lingerie just for yourself. Get it, divas? Lingerie is not just for men to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

So what size is this bra?

The Lingerie Diva said...

I believe this is a 36K.

Amber said...

I have many issues finding bras & sets. I wear either a 40C-40D, or a 42C (depending on style & maker of course)..all three of those are next to impossible to find. Much easier to find a 40DDD, honestly. I don't get it,completely frustrating to see people walking around that you know are much bigger than you are in many ways. And even online shopping advertised as "plus sized"...often only goes up to a 38....but a 38DD,completely unhelpful & very disappointing.

Playful Promises said...

Thank you for the link - glad you enjoyed our blog post!

tammy ramey said...

i wonder what else went over/under this bra? did they still wear a steel corset or had they changed to whale bones yet? also was this one a common woman would wear or a wealthy woman and what was their life like??

makes ya think huh?

tammy ramey