Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer In San Tropez

Inspired by our Springtime in Paris post, we decided to "dress" for a dream summer vacation in San Tropez. Known for its gorgeous beaches, ports filled with luxury yachts, hosting celebrities on vacation and a relaxed beach dress code (topless sunbathing is common and there are many nude beaches), San Tropez is the ultimate destination for a sexy getaway.

On the beach
You don't need to wear much on the beaches of San Tropez, but with a bikini as cute as this one, why wouldn't you want to wear it?

Private pool gazebo
How heavenly does a day spent lounging in this white lace babydoll sound? This style lets the cool breeze hit your skin and can easily be removed for some spontaneous skinny dipping.

An afternoon on the yacht
Enjoy the ocean air and the sun while wearing this aqua lace chemise, a perfect nod to the water around you. Can't you picture yourself sipping champagne in this?

Night out on the town
This sexy bodystocking is a look that can take you from dinner straight to, ahem, dessert. Just slip on a little skirt and this set makes a great underwear as outerwear look!

Cocktail hour
 Whether you're sipping drinks on your own private beach or lounging on your hotel balcony, this soft and sheer peignoir set is the perfect ensemble.

 Now that you've seen our sexy San Tropez looks, tell us what you wear on this trip. What lingerie pieces would pack?