Friday, September 28, 2012

Lingerie Diva Dish - September Edition

It's officially Fall, and here at Lingerie Diva we are officially excited for the new season. We love marketing the fun tights, cozy fabrics and patterns and (of course) sexy Halloween costumes that Fall brings! Enjoy these lingerie tidbits as we savor the sweet arrival of autumn.

Holly from The Full Figure Chest has a list of tips on how and where to find full-busted bras when you're on a budget.

If it's shapewear you're looking for, Etsy Lingerie has six tips on finding your perfect shapewear pieces.
The right shapewear can make all the difference.

As the "Underwear As Outerwear" trend continues, The Fashion Spot offers these do's and don'ts of wearing lingerie in public.

Here's another do's and don'ts piece, this one from Playful Promises on how to wear stockings.
Do you know the proper way to wear these?

If you are still of the mindset that lingerie is to be worn only when someone else will see it, here's a post from The Daily Muse about how it can boost your confidence (at the office, no less!).

And finally, while having a small waist and large breasts is seen as having the perfect figure by many, one woman writes about what a problem it is when shopping for a bra.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lingerie Diva's Top 10 Tights For Fall

Want to know one of our favorite things about the cooler autumn weather? Well, besides being able to go outside without instantly sweating off your makeup, we think one of the best things is being able to wear tights again!

Whether you’re conservative or more daring, or want to play with both styles, tights are the perfect way to accessorize in the fall. Take a look at some of the hosiery looks we’re going to be adding to our collection this season.

And these are just a handful of the sexy stockings and tights we have on our website. To see more styles, including thigh highs and bodystockings, click here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tumblr Tuesday - Fabulous Fall

Even though Fall just officially started, we've been celebrating its arrival for a couple weeks now. Especially on our Tumblr page, where everything we're posting and sharing has a decidedly Fall feel to it. Rich colors, cozy prints; we're moving from the heat of summer to the soft warmth of autumn.

To see more of our Fall images, visit our Tumblr page or our Fall 2012 mood board on Pinterest!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lingerie Trend - Loungewear

One of the biggest lingerie trends that we’ve seen this year is the rise of loungewear. Now more than ever, designers are placing an emphasis on pieces that are designed to spend hours in, sets ment for lazy weekends laying around the house. This trend has introduced the word “loungerie” into our industry vocabulary.

If you’ve been content to laze about in a plain old t-shirt and pair of gym shorts or pajama pants, it’s time to take a look at what the world of loungerie has to offer you! And don’t be surprised if you get hooked - those pajamas pants needed a break anyway.

The silky charmeuse fabric make these pants and shorts just as comfortable as your old “around the house” clothes, but the look is much sexier!

And the red or black sleep shirt is much better than a ratty old t-shirt.

Be honest, would you ever want to get out of this pretty leopard print sleep set?

How adorable is this polka dot romper? Perfect for when you feel like having a flirty breakfast with the husband.

And really, could it get any better than these sultry black and leopard cami and shorts sets? Wear them to bed, then don’t them off for the rest of the weekend (well, unless, you know…).

Have we turned you into loungewear converts yet? If so, be sure to check out the full loungewear selection available on our website!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fabulous Fall Corsets

As we were looking through our collections for items to feature in this post, one brand began to stand out above the others. Escante’s collection of corsets is filled with pieces, from both their older and new collections, that are the perfect fall colors.

Rich, chocolate browns, deep reds, all the colors that remind you of the changing leaves are here. If it's time to transition your lingerie collection from summer to fall, be sure to include a couple of these corsets!

 Maroon Angela Corset, Tantalizing Mocha Corset

And the great thing about Escante’s corsets, as you can see from the style of their photos, is that they’re perfect to wear out for everyday life. Just layer a fitted blazer or classic cardigan over them and you’ve got a sleek and sexy look. So, divas, which color are you going to be wearing this fall?

Friday, September 14, 2012

Lingerie Lookalikes - Agent Provocateur's Esme Collection

When we first saw the pieces of Agent Provocateur's new animal print Esme Collection, we were instantly struck by one thing: how extremely familiar it looked. A check of our inventory confirmed it. These new pieces are very similar to lingerie sets that we've had on our site for months!

We're not suggesting Agent Provocateur stole designs, although it does say something about the lacking creativity of their design team (something others have noticed as well). But that's not the point of this blog. The point is to once again show that our designs are every bit as fabulous looking as the fancy French brands, and just a fraction of the cost. Who needs Agent Provocateur when you have Lingerie Diva?

The Esme Bodysuit retails for $350...

But this Leopard Side Tie Teddy sells for only $21.00.

The Esme Babydoll sells for $790...

Or you could get this Leopard Mesh Babydoll set for just $17.49.

This Esme bra and garterbelt set is sold in two separate sets and costs $360 to $380, depending on the type of underwear you choose.

This Leopard Print Bra Set includes the garterbelt and is just $29.99.

For those wanting a numbers breakdown, if you bought all three of the Lingerie Diva sets, it would cost just under $70, not including tax. Sound like a good deal to us, don't you agree?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Black Tie Affair

Normally the phrase "black tie" means getting decked out in your finest formal wear. Today it means getting dressed up before you get undressed ;-)

These tuxedo lingerie sets and pieces definitely fall more into the bedroom costume category rather than just straight lingerie, but they're a fun way to bring a little "formality" to the bedroom!

Playboy Tuxedo Boyshorts In Black & White

Men's Tuxedo Boxers In Red & Black

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Coquette's Darque Collection

We instantly fell in love with Coquette's Darque collection when it debuted last year. This line of faux-rubber, fetish-inspired lingerie exuded a darker, more dangerous sex appeal and we were immediately drawn in.

So it's no wonder we're so excited to add some new pieces from the Darque collection! Some are ready to wear outfits that can double as a date night ensemble. Others are a mix of dominatrix fashion and femininity. All are looks that will make your partner stand up and take notice!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Quotable Divas - Sophia Loren

Since Sophia Loren has been a sex symbol for pretty much her entire life, we'll gladly take her advice!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Gorgeous In Grey

We'll be honest, grey is not a color known for being pretty or sexy (unless we're talking about Grey as in Mr. Christian, but we digress). Grey is often thought of as a dull, lifeless hue and is, not surprisingly, a color we don't see often in lingerie.

However, more of it is appearing in the Fall 2012 lingerie collections and we are loving what we see! These pieces are all soft, sensual and feminine - nothing dull about them. They prove that grey can indeed be a very sexy color.

What do you think, divas? Have these lingerie sets changed your mind about the color grey? In our opinion, this is one color that definitely fab, not drab!