Friday, September 14, 2012

Lingerie Lookalikes - Agent Provocateur's Esme Collection

When we first saw the pieces of Agent Provocateur's new animal print Esme Collection, we were instantly struck by one thing: how extremely familiar it looked. A check of our inventory confirmed it. These new pieces are very similar to lingerie sets that we've had on our site for months!

We're not suggesting Agent Provocateur stole designs, although it does say something about the lacking creativity of their design team (something others have noticed as well). But that's not the point of this blog. The point is to once again show that our designs are every bit as fabulous looking as the fancy French brands, and just a fraction of the cost. Who needs Agent Provocateur when you have Lingerie Diva?

The Esme Bodysuit retails for $350...

But this Leopard Side Tie Teddy sells for only $21.00.

The Esme Babydoll sells for $790...

Or you could get this Leopard Mesh Babydoll set for just $17.49.

This Esme bra and garterbelt set is sold in two separate sets and costs $360 to $380, depending on the type of underwear you choose.

This Leopard Print Bra Set includes the garterbelt and is just $29.99.

For those wanting a numbers breakdown, if you bought all three of the Lingerie Diva sets, it would cost just under $70, not including tax. Sound like a good deal to us, don't you agree?