Monday, October 8, 2012

Group Costume Themes For Halloween

Are you dressing up with your friends this Halloween? Stuck on thinking of a good idea? Lingerie Diva is here to help, with this year's list of group costume ideas!

They say women love a man in uniform, but we have a feeling that the opposite applies as well. And what's hotter than a squad of sexy cops or firefighters?

For you music lovers out there, what about going as Lady Gaga and her fans, aka her "little monsters"?

You could all dress up as the Pink Ladies, but we think it'd be funnier to go as different versions of Sandy: good Sandy, cheerleader Sandy and bad Sandy.

Another group of uniforms, although these are a bit more shocking. A convent of naughty nuns is sure to get a lot of attention on Halloween night!

Show your love for your favorite NBA team by dressing as players and/or cheerleaders! And if you go out to the bars, make sure to hit up some guys for a game of Pop-A-Shot.

Want even more group costume ideas? Then check out this post to see what we put together last Halloween!