Monday, October 1, 2012

Halloween Costume Trends For 2012

You know when you buy on of Lingerie Diva’s Halloween costumes, you’ll have one of the hottest costumes out there. But today we’re talking about hot costumes in a different way, as in “What are going to be the hottest, trendiest costumes for 2012”. Here are our predictions for which costumes you’ll be seeing (and buying) lots of this year!

Cat Woman
After drooling over Anne Hathaway’s figure in her catsuit, how could you not be tempted to give one a try yourself? Yes, it might require a few extra trips to the gym to get in as good of shape as she was, but it will be worth it once your Batman comes to rescue you.

This is a holdover trend from last year, when black swans arrived in flocks on Halloween night. This year we’re seeing the trend expand to include other exotic birds, especially flamingos and peacocks.

We’re giving all of the credit for this trend to Leg Avenue and the release of their official NBA-licsensed basketball team uniforms. You can pick from several different teams and decide whether you want to be a player or a cheerleader. We love the feminine spin Leg Avenue gave these athletic outfits!

Even though the much-anticpated remake of “The Great Gatsby” doesn’t come out this year, we’re already seeing an increase in interest in all things Roarin’ 20s, including flapper costumes. Too bad we can’t snag Leonardo DiCaprio to be our Jay Gatsby.

Disney princesses have been on the Halloween costume scene for a few years now, but it seems as if we’re seeing prettier, sexier versions of the costumes this year. Expect more glitz and sequins, and shorter skirts too.