Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lingerie Diva's Fall/Winter Wishlist

Now is the time when women are switching out their closets, putting away their summer wardrobe and bringing out the fall and winter items. It's also a good time to put away some of your more summery lingerie and incorporate a few of the items from our Fall/Winter wishlist...

A bedroom costume: It's the type of costume that can be worn year 'round, but only in the privacy of your bedroom. Bedroom costumes are a great way to act out fantasies, again and again. If you haven't tried one yet, it's a great way to bring something new to the bedroom.

Patterned tights: I feel like these have been on the cusp of on-trend style for the past couple years, but this year really seems to be their year. We're seeing not just textured tights, but tights with so many fun and different patterns on them - it's really refreshing for your hosiery fanatics out there! (See more in our "Top 10 Tights For Fall" post.)

Something "50 Shades Of Grey"-esque: The mania that surrounded the best-selling series isn't dying down yet, with officially-licensed lingerie and products being released. We like the new items we're seeing that incorporate a bit of fetishism, but in a soft way. Fabric cuffs and lace eye masks and blindfolds (like the Love Spell and Blind Ambition sets below). It's a good way for anyone who doesn't have experience with these types of bedroom accessories to ease into it.

A seasonal bra set: Why do I mean by "seasonal"? I mean a bra set that can take you through Fall, Winter and even into Valentine's Day if need be. Whether you wear this for your partner, or just to have something sexy for yourself, I suggest choosing one that feels appropriate for all seasons and special occasions.

 Tell me, divas, what's on your wishlist right now?