Friday, March 29, 2013

Lingerie Diva Dish - March Edition

Spring is officially here! And at some point, the warm weather will follow. ;-) While you wait for the sunshine, take a few minutes to read these links from around the lingerie world.

Famed corsetiere Velda Lauder died this month, and the Lingerie Addict wrote a wonderful tribute to her.

Also from the Lingerie Addict (though, this time we dug through her archives) is this post about why lingerie just generally makes your life better.

The Lingerie Lesbian did a fun post on lingerie-inspired decorations for your bedroom.

Lost In Lingerie has a great, and cheap and easy, solution to keep your tights neatly stored.

And finally, did you know what to check for when you're shopping for a sports bra?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Cleaning For Your Lingerie Drawer - What To Keep, What To Toss

It's officially spring, which means it's time for spring cleaning. Last time we wrote about spring cleaning for your lingerie drawer, we went through item by item, which is a good place to start. But if you still have lingerie that you are unsure about, here are a few more rules on what to keep and what to toss.

Spring Cleaning For Your Lingerie Drawer - What To Keep, What To Toss

Anything that you don't completely love - This excludes basic pieces like a nude T-shirt bra and shapewear (because, let's face it, there's not much excitement there). But outside of that, if you have a piece of lingerie that you don't wear because you're just not that into it, it's time to let it go.

Anything that's not pretty, practical or sentimental - If you hardly wear it but you LOVE it, then keep it. If it's not that pretty but it's a piece that you get a lot of use out of, keep it. If it's a piece that you just can't get rid of because it was the first lingerie you bought for yourself or it was what you wore for your first time, then keep it. Anything else, toss it out.

Anything that's not your style - We know that a women's tastes ebb and flow over the years, and sometimes you pull something out of your drawer that you haven't touched in years and suddenly you love it again. But if there's a piece you've pulled out, and then put right back, again and again you should just go ahead and give it up. The only exception would be for lingerie that's extremely rare, such as a vintage piece or a limited edition style.

Once you've cleared out some space, you have our permission to do some lingerie shopping to and fill that drawer back up again! ;-) Do you have any more lingerie spring cleaning tips to share? Be sure to leave them in the comments section!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Walk On The Wild Side Of Style

The Little Black Dress is a classic, but sometimes classic can feel a bit... basic. And sometimes basic translates to boring. When you're in the mood to be something more than basic, switch things up with one of these animal print dresses.

Not feeling brave enough to go full on animal print? Then add an exotic flair to your LBD with these leopard print heels!

See more of our sexy clothes and dresses (animal print and otherwise) on our website!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Light & Airy Lingerie

Light and airy. As I was brainstorming ideas for today's post, those words kept coming to mind. I know it's because the first day of Spring is the week, and the weather is finally getting warmer. The dream of peeling off those heavy winter layers and emerging like a butterfly from a cocoon is getting closer to reality.

In that spirit, this post features some of the lightest, airiest lingerie pieces I could fed. Items that - after spending months in terrycloth robes and flannel pajama pants - will feel like a breeze on your skin.

Tell me, divas, which one is your favorite?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bring Back The Backseam!

Backseam pantyhose were the leg wear of choice in the 1940s and had a pretty good run in fashion, not falling out of style until the 1960s. Like most fashion trends, they've come back again, seeing a big resurgence just within the last year or two.

Although I had never given much thought to pantyhose or stockings before (outside of wearing them with costumes or under a fancy dress on a cold day), backseam hose have definitely made me take more interest. It’s such a simple yet powerfully sexy way to draw attention to your legs, don’t you think? Here are some of my favorite backseam designs for the spring.

There are the classics...

And these for when you need just a little pop of color.

And I just love the fun details each of these pairs have!

Zipper Backseam Thigh Highs in nude & black

Visit the Hosiery section to on to see even more backseam designs.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Top Plus Size Lingerie Picks For Spring

What do we think all of the plus size divas will be wearing this season? One of these sexy lingerie sets...

1) The Net Overlay Babydoll Set comes in a gorgeous mint color and has a lace up, keyhole back.
2) The Hollywood & Vines Corset is a glamorous piece that has a lace up back, modesty panel and removable garters.
3) This Coral Stretch Mesh Chemise is a bright piece that features black lace trim on the cups and hem, has adjustable straps and comes with a matching thong.
4) This pretty Pink Eye Candy Chemise has an open back with bow ties and comes with a matching thong.
5) The lacy Turquoise Diva Chemise Duo has attached garters, a keyhole back with lace up details and comes with a matching thong.
6) This stunning Two Piece Lace Cami Set features a padded underwire cami with contrasting ribbon detail and  matching thong.

See more in our Plus Size Lingerie section at!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bridal Lingerie For The Risque Bride

Magic Silk is definitely not a lingerie brand for the tame, meek or mild. Its collections and pieces are daring and exotic, featuring barely-there strappy teddies, wet look sets and incredibly sexy bedroom costumes. Now, Magic Silk has released its first bridal collection, Exposed Bands Of Lace, and it's definitely for the bride who wants to be racy rather than romantic. | Magic Silk Bridal Lingerie | Magic Silk Bridal Lingerie | Magic Silk Bridal Lingerie | Magic Silk Bridal Lingerie

We know these pieces aren't for everyone, it would be a fun, naughty surprise for your groom to slip in between some of your tamer honeymoon pieces. After all, shouldn't you have at least one outrageous honeymoon lingerie set that your wouldn't normally wear?

See our entire selection of Magic Silk lingerie and bedroom costumes here.