Monday, July 15, 2013

3 Pieces of Lingerie You NEED according to Glamour Magazine!

Glamour Fashion Editor Sophia Chabbott recently got the scoop from Jennifer Zuccarini, former designer director at Victoria's Secret, about what three undergarment items every woman should own!  Read the full piece here!

1.  Bustier:  This gorgeous long bra serves as a camisole you can wear under sheer tops, or if you're edgy and brave enough, to wear as a top by itself (ala Miley Cyrus).

2.  A Fuschia or Mint Green Item: Zuccarini says these colors have been some of the most popular for bras and underwear.  They days of boring white panties and nude colored bras are over with.

3.  A Structured Bodysuit: For some added support, be sure to pick one that sucks you in!