Monday, November 18, 2013

Steal Her Style - Kate Moss In Playboy

Hippity Hop?  More like Hippity HOT!  The Jan/Feb issue of Playboy Magazine featuring the stunning Kate Moss isn't out yet, but last week we got a sneak peek of the 39-year-old's highly anticipated pictorial.  Moss is helping the mag celebrate it's 60th anniversary by stripping down to her birthday suit, but in this preview she can be seen on all fours wearing a signature bunny outfit, complete with bow tie, French cuffs, bunny ears and of course, a fluffy tail.  Hop on over to Lingerie Diva to steal Kate's style with your own bunny outfit!

Photo from EOnline

The 60th anniversary issue of Playboy featuring Kate Moss will hit shelves in early December.