Thursday, November 21, 2013

What To Wear Underneath Your Holiday Attire

'Tis the season to party, party, party!  From office Christmas parties, to your friend's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, there are dozens of holiday happenings for you to attend this time of year.  Here's Lingerie Diva's guide on what to wear under your festive frocks!

Thanksgiving Dinner Duds
Let your Uncle Jerry wear the sweatpants while you show up in style!  Overeating during the big Thanksgiving dinner happens to all of us, luckily a corset will help keep you cinched in, and keep your bloated belly from protruding out.

Work Christmas Party
So you've been eyeing the cute guy in Accounting for awhile now and you're thinking tonight might be the night he makes his move (or you make yours).  Don't be caught wearing spanx or granny panties under your cute dress. This lacy babydoll with thigh highs will have him pressing you up against the filing cabinet behind closed doors.

Family Christmas Gathering
Sensual Lace Booty Camisole & Shorts Set
Show your family (especially your know it all cousin) that you know how to keep up with the latest fashion trends by mastering the "innerwear as outerwear" trend, and wear this lace camisole underneath a sheer white blouse.  She'll be coming to you for fashion advice from now on.

Friend's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Ruched Romance Bra Set
Just because you're wearing something ugly on the outside, doesn't mean you have to wear something ugly on the inside.  Pump up the pretty in this bra and panty set, in case you want more than just a kiss from the guy you met under the mistletoe.

New Year's Eve Shindig 

Envy Elixir Garter Slip
Ring in the new year with some sparkle!  After the ball drops and you're full of champagne, you're going to want to make sure you have something sexy on that way you don't have to fumble around your underwear drawer while tipsy looking for the right thing to put on.