Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let Out Your Inner Pin-Up

If you've spent any time in an antique mall you've probably seen plenty of images of vintage pin-ups. In the late 19th century burlesque dancers would often use photographs as business cards to promote themselves. These advertisements could often be found "pinned-up" on walls or stuck into mirror frames. Later, famous actresses in early 20th century film were photographed or even drawn and put on posters to be sold for entertainment purposes. One of the most popular early pin-ups was Betty Grable, whose photo could often be found in the lockers of G.I.s during World War II. 

Betty Grable Pin-Up Girl
Betty Grable's famous pin-up photo

Later many pin-up girls were illustrated and depicted idealized version of what some thought a beautiful woman should look like. Unlike the photographed pin-ups of generations earlier, fantasy gave artists the freedom to draw women in many different ways. Many of these drawings were featured in men's magazines such as Esquire and Playboy. 

Sassy and Superb - Gil Elvgren Pin-up

Some of the most famous Pin-Ups include:

Bettie Page - Often referred to as the "Queen of Pin-Ups"

Betty Page Bikini - what a body!  I think she was the most gorgeous gal there was aside from Miss Marilyn

Vargas Girls - Pin-Ups drawn by Alberto Vargas, they were adapted as nose art for WWII bombers

WWII Plane Art -  Lady Be Good

Ava Gardner - An American actress nicknames "MGM Girl"

Ava Gardner. Pin-up!

Rita Hayworth - Her famous pose ended up as the 2nd most popular pin-up picture of World War II

Rita Hayworth pinup from the famous Bob Landry photoshoot for LIFE Magazine (1941). The image of Rita in the satin and lace nightgown made her one of the top two pin-up girls of World War II (the other being Betty Grable). Over five million copies were sent to soldiers, sailors and marines fighting in the war. (wikipedia)

Pin-Up style has been inspiring fashion for decades. Vintage inspired lingerie is the perfect way to let out your inner bombshell.

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