Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is a G-String?

A G-String is a tiny panel of fabric that swaddles the crotch area and is attached by a waistbad. The G-String is a type of Thong. Just in case you're confused what's the difference between to the terms.
Velvet Kitten G-String
The term geestring dates all the way back to the 19th Centruy when Native Americans would wear loinclothes. Generally loincloths only covered the genitals. To be technical teh geestring is essentially the string that held the loincloth together. Many societies believed that pubically showing genitals was shameful and inappropriate. Even today the idea of women wearing the G-string is attached to the stigma of being racy or provocative.

The origins of the G-String are still quite hazy. There is a myth that the term G-String refers to the "G" string of the narrowest string from the violin. But history shows that you can also trace the slave girls and prostitutes of Pompeii to wearing the G-String.

The American Market was introduced to the G-String in the 1920's. Showgirls started to wear the G-String in the era known as the "Roaring 20's" and the "Jazz Age". Chicago was the mecca of the G-String because it was home to the largest manufacturers of G-Strings in America. And Chicago was home to the largest Burlesque movement in the United States. Many performers popularized the "Chicago G-String" because the Burlesque industry started shifting into New York City.