Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Top 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Bodystocking

A Bodystocking is one-piece garment that will cover your body from shoulders down to the feet. For example, imagine slipping your leg into a pair of panty hose. The pantyhose will stretch and continue to cling onto your body. If you notice, some pantyhose will slim you down. Good pantyhose should stretch comfortably to the body.

Knowing your body is the key to finding the best fit. Unfortunately that means a lot of trial and error. Here are 5 things to consider when purchasing a body stocking.

  1. Material
    Bodystockings are typically made with lace, a sheer mesh, or fishnet material. They also don’t have any types of structural seams. That means the fabric has no guide to know where to sit properly on the skin.  Tip, look for key seams. Universally fishnet is the easiest to wear. The knotting technique has stretch thus making the fishnet bodystocking easier to mold to any form. The lace bodystockings are usually interlaced with the fishnet or key holes. That’s because lace is not meant to stretch. Tip, look for key holes or some type of opening that will allow for stretch room. Sheer bodystockings can be the hardest type of stocking to fit. Because the holes are smaller this may just suffocate parts of your body instead. If you are curvier in some areas then we suggest staying away from sheer stockings. Looking at the material will help you to determine the right size. If it’s a sheer mesh be sure to go a size up. If it’s fishnet it should be true to size.
  2. Graphics
    What we love about bodystockings are the beautiful statements they speak. The cuts are more exciting and bring such a wow factor. Think of the overall picture. The deep-v will instantly elongate a shorter torso. Tip, shorter divas should stay away from bodysuits that cut at the ankles. Opt for the bodystockings that slip over your legs to make one continuous line. Small lines look more appealing on smaller divas. Curvacious divas look for bold lines. In fact the fishnet bodystocking truly accentuates the body and alludes to a curvier shape.
  3. Your favorite asset or body shape
    Okay we know this one is the most important because every woman wants to feel empowered and confident. To look the best apply the same method as you would with clothing. What suits your body shape best? Shorter torsos need to be extra careful because the body stocking might be significantly too long. Your solution is to look for pieces that cut you off right below the breast. Two piece bodystockings are a great option to solve that issue. Now if you love your breast then we recommend cupless bodystockings. Or look for a wrap style detail. If you like your long legs look for garters that are attached to the bodystocking. If you love your hips look at the side cuts.
  4. Neckline
    Like mentioned before, there are no major seams in bodystockings. The necklines on some cut you right above the breast. And that straight line doesn’t look great on everyone. Tip, look for bodystockings with a dip in the neckline. Or look for a halter top bodystocking. The straight neckline complements a woman with a smaller bust.
  5. Color
    Bodystockings are funky and fun. But sometimes the color schemes can really throw off what you’re trying to convey too. Sometimes a rainbow print can go very wrong depending on the placement. Neon colors are fun but they can be very hard to pair with other accessories. Tip, with brighter colors accessorize with tutus or jewelry.

We hope these tips will help you find the best bodystocking. Remember to have fun and let the bodystockings be an accessory to your confidence. You make the clothes. The clothes don’t make you. If you have any suggestions or other tips please let us know in the comment section below.

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