Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What is a Chemise?

Chemise is a French term that translates to mean shirt.

In Western nations the chemise was a shirt that was worn as an undergarment to protect clothing from perspiration and body oils. Typically, chemises were made from scratch by the women of the household. 
Young Love Chemise by Velvet Kitten
Because the rich had access to materials like smooth fine linen their chemises were finely made. Unlike the poor who sewed their chemises with whatever scraps they could find.

Today the chemise is a loose fitting garment that falls closely around the hip area.  It’s not to be confused with a babydoll. A babydoll is a much looser in the hip area and mimics an empire waist line.

Chemises can sit closely to the body. They can also drape slightly around the hips. Chemises are often confused with baby dolls. Remember a chemise is slim fitting. The baby doll has an A-line shape.  

Queen Unconditional Chemise by Seven 'til Midnight

A traditional chemise was made with satin but now is made with all types of materials. Some chemises are made with lace, cotton, spandex jersey and mesh. 

White Stolen Kisses Chemise by iCollection

As lingerie trends continue to evolve the idea of the chemise being one cloth has too. The strappy lingerie trend has sparked the cage look. Made popular by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

Ultimate Strappy Chemise by G World Intimates

Over the years the chemise continues to make developments. We are eagerly hoping to see what the chemise will look like years from now.