Friday, April 29, 2016

How to Keep Lingerie Looking Fresh

Storing your lingerie is very important. Because these things are never cheap! Here are a few tips to keep your lingerie looking fresh.

1. Handwashing Lingerie - Washing lingerie with a safe detergent (Hanky Panky Lingerie Powder, $8.50) and then hanging it to dry preserves the form. If you decide to wash your delicates with your clothing place the lingerie in a lingerie bag. 

2. Invest in a Lingerie Chest - Separating your lingerie can keep them from tangling and tearing. This keeps lingerie from aging and maintaining it's fragile state. And if you do not want to purchase a separate chest purchase dividers from your local organizer store.

3. Storing Scented Pieces with Lingerie - Keep your lingerie drawer smelling fresh with fabric softener sheets. Lining the drawer with fabric sheets are a quick and easy way to refresh your drawers. 

4. Spot Cleaning - When you see a stain on your lingerie its best to immediately spot clean. If you wait the stain may soak into the material. 

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