Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sexy Bikini Barista Outfits

Bikini barista coffee shops have become increasingly popular on the West coast. It's slowly sweeping the nation with shops now opening in states like Alabama and many more. We can imagine there isn't a strict dress code. 

We decided to round up cute bikini barista outfits that can be worn year round. To spice up the scene many Bikini Barista locations have themed dress up days. So if it's Cowboy Wednesdays you must dress like one. So much fun right? When shopping for potential pieces choose sexy bra sets over separates. It's cheaper to buy lingerie sets too. 

1. The classic French Maid is a must have. As lingerie brands continue to innovate designs the french maid look is making a revamp. Many are more abstract and colorful
Naughty French Maid Bra Set, $ 21.89

2.  Perforated lamé is a material that can easily make a lingerie set look like it was meant to be worn in the daytime. Mixing it with lace really gives you the added sex appeal. 

Statement Piece Bra Set, $ 27.99

3. Of course you can't leave out the bikini. Baristas can collect tips and a great bikini can be a great way to spark conversation with customers. Look for unique pieces that can show your personality. 

Pucker Sequin Bikini Set, $ 47.99 

4. This is definitely a scandalous piece and we thought it was only suitable because some bikini baristas wear nipple pasties. If you're confident in your skin go for it.  
Black Magic Lace Bra Set, $ 27.99

Hope you enjoyed these cute bikini barista outfit ideas. Click some links below to see other sexy lingerie sets.