Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Shop for Pole Dancing Class : Pole Dance Fitness Clothes

If you're tired of your daily, boring, and lifeless workouts you MUST take a pole dance class. It will change your life. And it will change your body. (Which we all love, right?) And truth be told...pole dancing is not just for strippers. 

During your workout the the last thing you want to be distracted by is having to pull up your leggings, yanking your sports bra and adjusting your shirt over that belly. As a beginnerBecause you're dealing with lots of friction with the pole you need to consider a few things. 

Pole dancing utilizes all your core muscles and targets arm strength. It's very great for weight loss but can be exceptionally hard on beginners. Because you're constantly using your arms it's best to wear sports bras and tank tank tops. 

Always wear a really good sports bra that can support and tighten your chest. This will avoid any tugging and pulling during class. 

Booty shorts are perfect because they allow for your legs to have more grip on the pole. Leggings may seem like the best choice but they will slip and slide. 

Remember beginners always find the proper fit. You don't want to get something too tight or too lose. This will cause problems and you will become distracted in class.