Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Is there Lingerie for Men? | Lingerie for Men

Okay, most people obviously never associate the word lingerie with men. Or never think men would every wear lingerie. But that's not entirely true. Recent studies show that men have been buying underwear more than ever (so glad to know our men are staying clean =P)

Among all underwear types briefs are the most popular underwear style. These can be found in any man's drawer. Colors like black are very popular. We're thinking the white just gets too dirty and probably explains why men don't like it. And closely behind are red and blue.

With all shapes and sizes sexy men's jockstraps are offered for big and tall men and can be found at our site for a very cheap price. These prices vary from $10.99-$15.99. And if he's a little more stylish fashion jockstraps come in bright colors and designs too.

Majority of our men's fashion lingerie comes in fishnet and lace. Two materials that allow the package to breath and move freely. Colors are often neutral and cool toned and don't speak too feminine. 

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